“Finding Freedom.Name is fantastic. I have listened to these seminars for a year now, I am now practicing the Biblical Foundations of Freedom which has brought me into a closer relationship with the Lord. His Blessings abound daily. Thank you for introducing me to God's path towards freedom. When we do things God's way, we can't go wrong. Ella is a gifted teacher. Her insight is fascinating.” SJB, Eastlake, CO


"What Biblical Foundations of Freedom did for me was help me to realize just how the enemy works and how well organized he can be; certainly relentless in his attacks. I also realized some issues that needed my attention, for instance ANY unforgiveness and/or any judging (after all who am I to judge anyone). Freedom so often lies at our feet yet we don't pick it up. We, as humans, certainly love to hold on to stuff that continues to be unbeneficial to us, while the ones we hold it against have no idea at all of the matter." ~ Ken K., Wheatridge, CO


"After spending many years in search of the ideal 'church', learning about the Biblical Foundations of Freedom has enabled me to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. After being delivered from religious spirits, stemming from ancestral curses, I can now hear the voice of the Holy Spirit much clearer on a daily basis. I had no idea of the strongholds I was under nor how to pray through them, until I was introduced to Finding Freedom.  I have been healed of allergies, chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Praise the Lord!" ~E.L., Denver, CO


"It's amazing the connection between our spirit and body, when the spirit is set free, the body is healed and brought back into balance and homeostasis. After going from healing room to healing room, I was finally set free, after completing the prayers and covering all the spiritual legal ground laid out in Biblical Foundations of Freedom, it was the best thing I ever did, and has brought me into a more intimate relationship with the Lord.  All we need to do is have the faith, patience and perseverance, and the Holy Spirit does the rest. I was healed from severe insomnia, hypothyroid, PTSD, and scoliosis. I am now exercising without pain and have gone from seeing a Chiropractor twice a week to once a month. Thank you Jesus!"  ~ R.B., Northglenn, CO