Hormones and Demonic Activity


A Seminar/Workshop for Women But Men are Welcome!

From the Finding Freedom Series


What does Adolescence, PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause

all have in common?

Answer: Hormonal changes attracts demonic activity.


Attend this Provocative Seminar and find out why and where this is in the Bible,  and what you can do about Finding Freedom through the Biblical Foundations of Freedom,and have your life restored to normal and hormonal homeostasis.

Are you normally a calm person but have lost your cool when you were having PMS?     
Do hormonal changes bring on dark moods?     
Do you feel irritable for no reason?     
Do you cry at the drop of a hat for no reason, or in response to watching a movie?     
Have you ever felt like you wanted to kill someone for no reason?     
Have you broken up with a loved one and then regretted later?    
Have your teenage children become like a Jeckel and Hyde movie?     
Do you experience wild cravings?     
Do you have trouble sleeping?     
Are you fatigued for no reason?    
Are you depressed for no reason?

The Medical field has proven that on a purely bio-chemical level, hormonal changes can produce some very severe reactions to life's normal routine, which is often explained away by a hormonal change, or hormonal imbalance. For centuries, hormonal changes in women have been so misunderstood by the medical field, that many have prescribed drugs, hormone replacement therapy, as well women self-medicating and creating other types of addictions, which only band-aids the core issues.  Today, we know that hormonal imbalances can lead to different types of cancers.  Find out what the root causes of this chain reaction is before it takes over your life.

Ever wonder why you can be going along just fine, enjoying life and as soon as PMS sets in, you are tormented by dark thoughts, become bad tempered, and may even blow it with some of your most cherished relationships?  Then, after your monthly period comes and goes, you are back to normal, as if you had just gone through some sort of exorcism?

Don't worry, you're not alone.  Besides the obvious bio-chemical changes, there is a spiritual cause to these conditions, which is often triggered and exacerbated through the legal opening of demonic activity.  There are Biblical reasons why this happens.  Find out how you can Find Freedom through following God's plan for your life, your spirit, and your body.