Prayers For Release 

Spiritual legal ground, has to do with the legal openings into the spiritual realm, that we have permitted through false beliefs, sins, iniquities and following false religious practices that actually war against the Holy Spirit which is the Grace and Truth of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Repentance allows God's Grace to be poured out on us, and repentance also 'legally' closes the door to any and all demonic assignments that come through legal ground.  

Please open up the following Prayers for Release, Freedom from the strongholds of Catholicism, Islam, Reiki, the Wounded Spirit, and the Deaf and Dumb Spirit of Unbelief.  

Where two or more agree on earth, so shall it be in heaven. (Matthew 18:19) This is a part of spiritual legal ground that ensures answered prayer, and creates a spiritual forcefield of support, especially when doing deliverance prayers for healing.  Please use these prayers by joining your faith with another believer present, to gain maximum effect.  Feel free to download, print and distribute .


Click here for Deliverance Prayers:

Release From Catholicism 

Prayer-of-Release-of-Freemasonry-and-Their Descendants

Release From Islam

Release From Reiki


Break the Deaf-and-Dumb-Spirit