Freedom From Curses

A Seminar/Workshop for all Earth Humans

From the Finding Freedom Series


Breaking Ancestral Curses and Spiritual Witchcraft 

Many Christians ignorantly believe that Galatians 3:13 is automatic when a person accepts Christ as their personal Savior.  Legally, this is not true.  The believer must appropriate the work of the cross through confession by breaking ancestral sins and their associated curses by being the one in the family (sometimes the only one) who repents for the sins of the ancestors.  The bastard curse goes on until a Christian breaks it, the same goes for the curses of Adam and Eve.   Learn about the difference between white, black and spiritual witchcraft.  Spiritual witchcraft happens in Christian churches, learn how to discern it and break it, through appropriating the victory of Christ through confession and repentance and coming against the false beliefs that perpetrate it.

Generational curses are not only limited to one's family heritage, but also to one's tribe, race and nation.  Learn about specific prayers you can say for your heritage based on Biblical records and spiritual legal ground and how you can Find Freedom through God's promise to answer these prayers through Christ.  Breaking curses and assignments on one's life, also dovetails with Spiritual Legal Ground.