Breaking Ungodly SoulTies

A Seminar/Workshop in the Finding Freedom Series

There are several types of soul ties.  The soul tie that is bonded in love and trust, such as through a marriage bond, the soul tie between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, between best friends and business partners.  Love is an emotion, and it is emotion, i.e., 'energy-in-motion' which produces 'spirit'  which is what creates any soul tie, whether its loving or ungodly. 

With that said, ungodly soul ties are formed through negative emotions, such as abuse, sexual immorality, jealousy, envy, strife, competitiveness and resentment.  You don't necessarily have to be 'in a relationship' with a person to have a soul tie.  Resentment keeps you corded to them.  There are many people who have broken off dysfunctional relationships, yet the soul tie still remains. 

You can even develop an ungodly soul tie with a stranger, who you get into a heated argument with, or a neighbor you are in a dispute with or someone who you have illegal sex with.  The problem with ungodly soul ties, is that they are 'legal' portals into your spirit, which allows the demonic realm to ride on these energy waves and drain energy from you through your connection with the other person.  Of course anything satan's realm does, steals, kills and destroys.  Energy theft is the result from ungodly soul ties, which causes illness and poverty. 

Even if you have ended it with a person, gotten legally divorced, broken up, moved away, haven't seen them in decades, if negativity, hurt and resentment took place, then the ungodly soul tie must be broken to break satan's power over you and free up your energy.  

Let's say you are in a business agreement, and you are being taken advantage of, or you are not happy with the other person's behavior towards you and want to end the agreement.  By breaking the soul tie first, the relationship will dissolve easily, effortlessly, and fairly, without grievance. 

Learn which prayers to pray, and how to break ungodly soul ties, freeing you from the energy drain of satan's army and their attachments.