Father, I thank you for your healing presence. 

I call upon the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus,
I loose the blood of Jesus for cleansing in the mind, the thinking, and the memories. Bring your cleansing presence in what he or she thinks, believes and stored in the memories. Let the blood of Jesus flow upon the ears, eyes and mouth, these gates where destruction has entered in through what he has heard, seen and spoken. I loose the cleansing blood upon his heart and his emotions, representing the core of his being. Also, I declare the blood cleansing the deep wounds of his inner man, deep into the hidden wounds and secret wounds, and the old wounds.

Now let the oil of the Holy Spirit come. Bring your healing presence upon the mind, thinking, beliefs and memories. Heal the faulty thinking and lies. Heal the pain stored in the memories. Release the oil of healing into the heart and emotions, the broken places. Bring your healing presence into the deep places of the inner man, into the old wounds, the hidden wounds and secret wounds.

Wrap him in your presence like a protective bandage, watching over him and guarding him in this season of healing. Speak your Word of truth and affirmation into his soul, renewing his mind. I release him into your care because you are faithful to heal and restore and renew. And I declare your Kingdom come and your will be done in Jesus name.